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Integrative Fat Loss Mind Reset

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If you already saw THE PRINCIPLES OF INTEGRATIVE FAT LOSS class, you know how I spent more than 20 years going into the most ridiculous diets, took all the weight loss pills the market offered and my results were as follows: metabolic imbalance, hormonal imbalance and eating disorders, to name a few. In this master class you will learn in detail my 3 basic principles of Integrative Fat Loss. I will explain to you why we must not aim for weight loss and what is the difference when we talk about fat loss, instead. This will be a mind reset that aims to help you start healing your relationship with food, to develop self-love and to appreciate how unique you are. In this master class you will learn: - Why we must aim to fat loss and not weight loss - Why we all must have a unique nutrition - The 3 basic tools to begin your integrative fat loss journey - How to put these 3 tools into practice In addition, you will get: - Your Integrative Fat Loss Workbook (printable)

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CLP 65,000


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