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About me

Hello, I'm Andie, your guide and ally in navigating the path to radiant health and genuine well-being. As a certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition of New York. I specialize in guiding women through their health transformations with a focus on hormonal balance and fat loss. 


My passion for wellness is deeply personal. My journey into wellness was sparked by my own health crisis, including a life-altering brain stroke at 40 years old. This experience illuminated the harsh realities of extreme dieting and the critical impact of hormonal imbalances on our health.


My Integrative Fat Loss System (which I apply to all my coaching programs) transcends traditional diet schemes, offering a lifeline to women, particularly those over 35 experiencing the nuances of hormonal decline. It's a call to arms against the conventional weight loss narrative that overlooks the intricate dance of hormones that govern our well-being.


If you're 35 and you're starting to feel like you don't know your body any more, or if you're navigating the complexities of life post-40, tired of the relentless dieting cycle, and seeking a path that addresses the root cause of weight gain with a holistic, hormone-conscious approach, you've found your haven. 

Together, we will embark on a transformative journey to reclaim your health, balancing your hormones, and liberating you from the diet mentality once and for all. Welcome to your new beginning.

Andie Casagrande



Something curious...

I used to hate the gym! I started exercising on April 2017, jogging in the street while pushing my third child's stroller. One day, I felt like I needed to exercise more and since then I have never stopped training! My favorites are weight lifting and Cardio HIIT.


I practice yoga and meditation every day. Both practices are my basic tools to keep my physical and mental health in balance.But I also practice REST. Doing nothing and just BE to calibrate my mental and emotional health. 

My secret weapons...

I'm also a mom to three wonderful little souls who teach me more about life each day than any book ever could. They are my greatest teachers and the inspiration behind every step I take. Many believe parenting doesn't come with a guide, yet I hold that our journey begins with healing our inner child. It's within our grasp to foster generational healing, to ensure that the echoes of past pains don't reverberate into the future. My path has been one of continuous healing, a learning curve that rises with each new day. I am steadfast in the belief that part of our purpose is to dismantle the chains of negative cycles, allowing us to savor the richness of life fully. This conviction fuels my approach, both as a coach and a parent, guiding us toward a legacy of joy and balanced well-being

My great Masters...

Feeling ready to embrace a journey of health and harmony?

Let’s chat about how my coaching might fit into your life. Contact me for details on how we can work together towards real, meaningful change.

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