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About me

Hi! My name is Andie. I’m a Health Coach, Cook and  Recipe Developer.

I'm also the creator of the Integrative Fat Loss System, which aims to help women to heal from the overwhelming weight gain and dieting struggle.


A little bit about me!

I spent more than 20 years going into the most ridiculous diets, took all the weight loss pills the market offered and my results go from metabolic imbalance, hormonal imbalance and eating disorders to even suffering a Brain Stroke.

The reason why I've created the Integrative Fat Loss System, is because the reality is that the current structure of weight loss, although well intentioned, is not capable to heal the root cause of women's excess weight gain, so we need to stop thinking that a diet or any particular product will actually solve our weight gain issues. 

If you are tired of the weight loss struggle, then you must be ready to hear that food and exercise is only 50% of what you need to come out victorious of a weight loss journey, in which your main gain is freedom of the diet mentality.

So, if you wish to go beyond fat loss and beyond what to eat or how much you must exercise to lose weight, you have found what you've been looking for.

Welcome to your life transformation journey!

Andie Casagrande



Something curious...

I used to hate the gym! I started 6 years ago, jogging in the street while pushing my third child's stroller. One day, I felt like I needed to exercise more and since then I have never stopped training! My favorites are weight lifting and Cardio HIIT.


I practice yoga and meditation every day. Both practices are my basic tools to keep my physical and mental health in balance.But I also practice REST. Doing nothing and just BE to calibrate my mental and emotional health. 

My secret weapons...

I'm also a mom to 3 wonderful little souls who are my masters and my daily life inspiration. People say that no one can teach you how to parent. But I think we have a starting point, and that is the healing of our inner child. We have the power to make generational healing happen. Our first mission as parents is to prevent painful stories from repeating themselves over and over again. I have been through this healing experience, I still am, learning day by day and step by step. And I am convinced that part of our life purpose is to break negative cycles and learn to enjoy life to the fullest.

My great Masters...

Why I became a coach

At the beginning, all I wanted was to find the formula to stay in my healthy weight. I wanted to stop binge eating and enjoy the body I wanted to have. But along the way I found so much more. And I also found the tools to help others understand why we are making the wrong questions and looking in the wrong places.

My personal experience have taught me that happiness is a very personal concept, which is sadly soiled with information from our environment that doesn't belong to us and doesn't represent our hopes and dreams. Inner work is about sweeping that dirt away to see ourselves clearly and meet our true-selves cleaned out of any external influence, so we can listen to our intuition to start building our own and unique idea of happiness.


Being a Health Coach is more than just a job for me. Is my life purpose. I am committed to help other people find their path to personal growth in all areas of their lives.


And I truly hope we can be a match to start working in your life transformation!

Join a program


Integrative Fat Loss Mind Reset

In this Masterclass you will learn how my Integrative Fat Loss System works, what are its basic principles and how to apply these principles in your life. You will you learn that the problem of weight gain and fat storage goes far beyond what diet we should follow and how much we need to exercise.


I have created this coaching program for women and moms who have turned 40 or are about to turn 40 and are looking to redefine their lives. In this program you will work on your physical, mental and emotional health, as well as your reconnection with yourself and the woman you want to be in this new phase of your life.


Women in Diet Land

This program focuses in working towards the elimination of the diet mentality, in order to heal your relationship with food, get to know your own body and find a holistic balance in your life. You will learn how the experiences you live influence your physical, mental and emotional health and you will discover the tools you need to achieve a balanced life.


Let's Take This Journey Together!

If you want to make big changes in your life, take an action step today by checking out my programs!

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