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The Principles Of Integrated Fat Loss

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For more than 20 years I struggled with weight gain, binge eating and before hitting rock bottom I even suffered of binge drinking. I was completely dominated by anxiety, depression and mood swings. Until one day I said "that's it!". So I decided to find a solution that could go beyond the classic diet plans and the insane workouts in order to lose weight. I literally used myself as a guinea pig in a wonderful process that lead me to create the Integrated Fat Loss System which allowed me to achieve more than just shedding a few pounds and get fit. It was a complete life transformation, it was a beautiful healing process that change me inside out and helped me discover who I truly am and where I want to lead my life. And as a side effect (I like to call it like that!) the whole transformation keeps me in my healthy weight and it even allow me to get fit and enjoy a gym workout, being capable to set healthy goals for myself. In this Free Class, I'm inviting you to see things differently. To give yourself the chance to be patient with your body, to understand where your struggle comes from. Don't be afraid to re-connect with who you are. I promise that all you will find at the end of your transformational process is nothing less than self-love and joy.

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