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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

According to what my Obgyn told me over a year ago, this is a new term that has become very "trendy" which refers to a condition that consists of excess estrogen. I’ve found angry doctors on videos, websites and IG kicking and spitting their fury against the coined term. I personally am infinitely grateful to those gynecologists, health coaches, nutritionists, etc. who has dedicate their work to us and have brought up the term “Estrogen dominance”. Because, after I learned to eat mindfully and healthier with focus on balancing my hormones, I learned to connect with my body and I finally and truly healed.

Being able to identify symptoms and make decisions regarding my nutrition was key. And to be able to do that, you must have access to information. Not all of us attended medical school or studied endocrinology and gynecology, so it is crucial for us to be able to find this type of information easily.

When Magdalena Wszelaki's book “Cooking for Hormone Balance” fell into my hands, I understood so many things. My fluid retention, that damn fat stored in my hips, thighs, arms. Every months weight swings that happened despite being "eating healthy", acne, horrible menstrual cramps, dry skin ... I could go on and on!

And after I devoured as much information as I could on hormone balance, I was abducted by functional medicine and its focus on nutrition, what we eat, what is good for every single person and the importance of bio individuality, understanding that each human being is unique and unrepeatable and that is why we cannot be treated following a medical manual to the letter.

What can I tell you, I never thought that at 41 years old I was going to feel so healthy, so alive, so happy with whom I’ve become and even look in the mirror and find myself healthy beautiful (hard task for those who have suffered anorexia and bulimia at some point in their lives).

I totally recommend you Magdalena Wszelaki's website she has a few test online, they’re good to become aware of many symptoms that we have normalized, even though they are not normal, at all!

Disclaimer: The information posted is not intended to diagnose or recommend medical treatment. For more information consult a specialist.

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