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Welcome to the new version of my recipes! From now one, you will have access to delicious and nutritious recipes ideas, mixed with Mindful Eating wisdom, nutrition tips and a bit of guidance on how to enjoy your food as you shift to your new healthy habits.

Today’s recipe ONLY SEEMS like a lot, but actually is not. First, I always try to use the least kitchen utensils I can to avoid excess washing and cleaning (lol!).

And second, a basic thing you need to master if you wish to have a balanced life is ORGANIZATION in every single area of your life. When talking about Meal Prep, that organization translates into BATCH COOKING. Without your weekly batching, it is impossible that your week can flow and that you can have the possibility to avoid highly processed packed products. And don’t feel bad or guilty. We’ve all been there. I remember when I thought the supermarket’s frozen nuggets were the best idea in the world, because all I had to do was to heat up the oven and dinner for 5 was ready in less than 10 minutes! And I don’t feel guilty or ashamed because I had no idea what was on those nuggets. On the contrary, I feel completely scammed! The fact that governments don’t inform their citizens of the real nature of the long list of garbage a single product can have, is something that give me heart palpitations, so, better move on to the recipe before my inner activist awakes (lol!).

The picture you are seeing is how my first meal of the day actually looks like. I don’t have names for my meal or eating times, I just eat. And I teach this to my coaching clients, because breakfast is so deeply internalized in our minds with foods like “a sandwich, cereal, pastries, milk, coffee”, that when they think about having breakfast their minds don’t allow them to accept the idea of eating vegetables. But erasing the simple word, help them to start accepting new savory foods into their first meal of the day. Just say “I’m going to eat” instead of “I’m going to have breakfast”. Trick your brain. I leave you with that tip, try it and tell me how it works out for you.



6 portions

You need a food processor with the knife’s accessory.

First, put in the food processor 1 cup of broccoli florets and the white part of 1 scallion. Process until completely milled.

Add 3 eggs, ¾ cup of filtered water and ¼ cup olive oil. Mix well.

Then add the rest of the ingredients:

1 Cup whole oats flour

½ cup almond flour

½ cup coconut flower

2 tbsp ground flax seeds

2 tsp baking powders

¼ tsp granulated garlic

½ tsp sea salt

Pepper to taste

  • Process until you get a smooth batter. Not too liquid, not too heavy, it must be runny enough to keep a round shape in the pan.

  • Preheat a pan at medium temperature, add 1 tsp coconut oil and keep the fire medium-low as you cook your pancakes.

  • Use a ladle to measure the amount of batter you’re going to use to make each pancake. Make as many pancakes as you can at once. Cook them 3 minutes per side and set aside.

  • You can double or triple this recipe to if you want to batch cook them. They last 3 to 4 day in the fridge and up to 6 months frozen.


3 or more eggs (according to your protein requirements)

1 tsp coconut oil

  • Preheat a pan at medium temperature for 1 min. Cook your eggs to taste (my choice is always over medium)


1 ½ cup of Arugula, lettuce, Swiss chard, spinach, cucumber and raw shredded beetroots.

Dressing, lemon juice or balsamic vinegar without colorants and preservants, sea salt and olive oil.

The final result is the plate you see in the picture.

Optionally, you can add pure and organic peanut butter to your pancake to add a bit more of flavor, healthy fats and proteins (and I even top them with some stir-fried chicken!)

Your first meal of the day is the first INFORMATION you are giving to your cells. What we give to our cells will define if they help us live in disease or in health. And we have the power to make that choice. Isn't it so wonderful?

I’ll see you next Friday with a new recipe!


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