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The way you think, the way act and the way you feel creates your personality. And your personality creates your personal reality.

If your thoughts can make you sick, could it be possible that your thoughts can make you well? The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES.

I memorized that 3 years ago without completely understand what it meant. But my intuition was telling me that I needed to know more.

What I quoted belongs to Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist, teacher, lecturer and author. I have read 2 of his books: “Breaking the habit of being yourself” and “Becoming supernatural”. Both books must be read again, from time to time, to understand new things. For me, this is like the modern Kybalion.

You can have a look at the books I mentioned clicking here.

Our mind is extremely powerful and is sad to say that we mistreat the organ that holds it (the brain) in so many ways. For example, eating junk food, excess alcohol consumption, overeating, having poor sleeping habits, spending too much time in social media, feeding it with junk information, etc!

Whoever has the privilege to know about Dr. Dispenza's work and takes the time to read and put a little bit of effort to understand what he is saying and practice to achieve brain and heart coherence, can become supernatural. Which means, to have the life you want, to live in good health, to overcome obstacles and achieve whatever you want and to learn what life wants you to learn and experience, but not in pain and suffering, but instead, in joy and inspiration.

I have been learning and practicing his work for the last 3 years, and I must confess that one of my secret weapons to transform my life was his teachings.


Because we don't live, we survive.

High stress levels state is our default state, and when we are living under constant high stress levels, not only our brain is producing excessive levels of cortisol and adrenalin. Our heart is also constantly racing a little bit. Even when we are sitting down doing nothing at all, that may stimulate the heart to start beating a bit faster.

So, high stress levels condition our brain to live with high cortisol and adrenalin levels.

But also, with time, people begin to condition their hearts to race all the time. All because of this constant state of imbalance.

Which creates an incoherence in the heart, because it is no longer beating in a rhythmic way.

And the disintegration of the interference of those individual frequencies diminishes energy in the heart. But, how can that affect you? According to Dr. Dispenza, it impacts the way we feel.

We stop trusting ourselves and we also stop trusting our future.


Guess how? MEDITATION.

Many people has a wrong concept of meditation. They think they have to become a monk to do it. Or they say they can't leave their minds in "blank".

All these beliefs are absolutely wrong.

Meditation means:

"To become familiar with".

So every time you sit still, close your eyes and breath with intention, what you do is to become familiar with your thoughts and feelings.

How many of us were actually raised with the habit to become familiar with our thoughts and feelings?

I bet your answer is NOT ME, right? Don't feel bad. Me neither!

But is time to learn how to create coherence in order to start living a life in balance, a life in joy, a life in good health, a life in which you can be free to set your personal goals according to your personal idea of success.


My recommendation is to always start with guided meditations if you have never meditated before.

When I was 19 years old, I remember I could meditate without any guidance. But then I got lost in the matrix. I lost my center with all the dirty information we let in as we grow into adulthood. So, now, most of the time I need a guided meditation to help my mind observe my thoughts and not analyze or resolve them.

During a meditation, when you reach that state of calmness, that tinglish sensation all over your body, is time to give yourself permission to bring in heart-centered elevated emotions.

What are these emotions?

  • Gratitude and appreciation

  • Feel grateful

  • Feel joy for existence


The majority of us are conditioned to have A REASON to be grateful or feel joy.

So, without an external event that stimulates a new positive emotion, we will hardly feel any different, right?

But you must learn to don't give a sh*t about your environment or whatever it is you're going through.

What would be the first steps to create brain-heart coherence?

- Stop feeding your brain with information that upsets you.

- Stop listening to people telling you that the world is doomed.

- Stop listening to your toxic negative thoughts.

Trying to feel great when you actually are drowning in problems is extremely hard.

You may wonder: why would I be grateful for? I’m sick, I’m getting divorced, I’m broke, I just got fired, I am struggling with an addiction, etc. So, understand that it doesn’t work like magic by just saying “I’m grateful for X”. You actually have to FEEL grateful. And to feel grateful in a state of pain, you actually have to become familiar with that pain. To let it in and understand what is it that you need to transcend that state of pain.

I am convinced that the worst habit humanity has is to avoid feelings. We don’t become familiar with them, because there’s this myth that emotions make us weak and don’t let us reach our goals. That successful people don’t cry, they are strong and bold. Now, what is success? This is a great topic to discuss in another blog post!

Let’s debunk the myth and embrace the truth. Emotions are part of growth. If you want to be a successful person, if you want to achieve your goals, if you want to be abundant, wealthy and healthy, you need to become familiar with your emotions.

I want to finish today’s article by telling you that, I have worked with people I have been able to help transform their entire lives. And I have also worked with people who haven’t being able to achieve their goals. And the reason why they can’t, is simply because they don’t want to or are afraid to become familiar with themselves.

I was pushed away from change many times, until I became so familiar my thoughts, my emotions, my reactions, my words and the way I was acting, that one day I said: this is not who I want to be. And so, I was ready to be who I wanted to be.

Change is not automatic and it requires something that goes beyond effort, and that is self-love.

Love yourself so much, that you are able to feel and embrace the right to be overwhelmingly happy no matter what, and you will see how the impossible becomes your reality.

Don’t forget to tune in this week’s episode of my Podcast on Friday!

Loads of love!


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